IKG Industries

IKG Industries makes every type of grating on the market today, in its own plants.  Whatever the material, whatever the style , IKG Industries makes it.  When you specify IKG Industries you are assured of getting the rigid adherence to the highest standards of quality that has made IKG Industries the clear leader in its field.

All types of Bar Grating, Safety Decking Flooring, and Mebac® Slip resistant surfaces for:

· Industrial Flooring

· Trenches

· Maintenance Platforms

· Walkways


Grating Types

Riveted Grating


                 The most substantial and oldest design of grating made, riveted grating is especially recommended in difficult stress situations where a grating with high strength and stiffness is required.  In IKG Industries riveted grating, each rivet is cold-pressed individually by high pressure riveting tools, clamping the bearing bars between the crimp bars in a high-strength joint.  The truss style, riveted crimp bars provide excellent lateral stability and are ideal where vehicular loads must be handled each as plant floors, mezzanines, highways, and bridges.  The flush surface provides excellent walking comfort and safety.

Pressure Locked Grating


             IKG Industries pressure locked grating permits the maximum passage of heat, light, and air.   The pressure locked style is the result of combining two close-tolerance, individually machined bars into a single grating unit through the application of tremendous hydraulic pressure that actually deforms the bars and bonds them together without the heat or rivets.  The result is a clean durable and easy to maintain grating with deep cross bars to provide excellent lateral support.

             Pressure locked grating is available in a wide range of spacings and twelve standard sizes.  Other bar sizes are available on special order.  IKG Industries manufactures both the standard interlock and J-slot styles of pressure locked grating.

             Pressure lock grating offers the versatility that allows an engineer to order the grating that exactly meets his needs even in small quantities.  In addition to structural grating applications, many architects find the clean, uncluttered lines of pressure locked grating attractive for architectural grillwork, screens, dividers, etc.


Pressure Locked Close Mesh Grating


                 Close mesh grating is manufactured by the same pressure locked method, but with close bar spacing.  Close mesh pressure locked grating has been manufactured for more than 60 years, and installed as “subway grating” in most major U.S. cities.  It is strong and durable, maintenance free, with a “flush top” walking surface that is unequalled by any other manufacturing method.  It is the safe, proven product for heavy pedestrian traffic.


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Stair Treads and Nosings

IKG Industries stair treads are available in all materials and styles to match the full range of IKG Industries floor grating.  Riveted, pressure locked, welded, and I-bar treads are available with a selection of nosings, and all metal treads are available with standard and custom coatings and Mebac® surfaces.  Fiberglass treads feature a slip-resistant abrasive coating as a standard part of the tread.

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Heavy Duty Grating
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Standard Heavy-Weld

             Standard Heavy-Weld grating is produced with either a round or twisted cross bar welded at each intersection of the main bearing bar and the cross bar.  IKG Borden Heavy-Weld sizes range from 1” deep to 7” deep main bars.  Standard spacings for the main bars are 1 3/16”, 1 3/8”, 1 7/8”, 2 3/8” centers.  Standard main bar thicknesses are 1/4”, 5/16”, and 3/8”.  Other thicknesses are available.

Welded ArmaGrid EC

             ArmaGrid EC is a heavy duty grating produced with rectangular main bearing bars and cross bars.  The main bar is slotted to accept the cross bar at the required spacing.  After assembly, the grating is welded at every joint with one 3/16” fillet weld.

             The rectangular cross bar adds stability to the heavy duty grating.  Although ArmaGrid EC is more expensive than J-slot pressure-locked or standard Heavy-Weld grating, it is the choice of many engineers when a welded joint with a high degree of lateral stability is desired.

             ArmaGrid has proven itself for use as bridge grating, drain grates and trench covers because of its ability to handle heavy wheel loads and its resistance to impact.


             IKG Industries R/W and R/W-L riveted grating is designed specifically for the demands of heavy-duty bridge, trench, and highway drain cover installations.

             The most substantial and oldest design of grating made, riveted grating is especially appropriate for difficult stress situations where a grating with height strength and stiffness is required. In IKG Industries riveted grating, each rivet is cold-pressed individually by high pressure riveting tools, clamping the bearing bars between the cross bars in a high-strength joint.  The truss style, riveted crimp bars provide excellent lateral stability and are ideal where vehicular lads must be handled such as plant floors, mezzanines, highways, bridges, airports and plant loading areas.  The rivets do not fatigue under vibration.

             New installation methods, plus the light weight of metal grating as compared with other surfaces, frequently permits bridge widening without increasing the bridge weight  - or resurfacing the handle heavier loads without the need for expensive substructure work.

             In areas where flooding is problem, metal grating offers less resistance to the water flow than sold surfaces and helps reduce pressure against the structure. , thereby reducing the probability of a wash-out.  An additional advantage is that a municipality can carry a stock inventory of grating and replace a bridge surface quickly and economically if required.


Pressure Locked “X” Bar

                 A highly durable style of  heavy duty grating, “X” Bar is widely used for catch basins and drain grates in both highways and parking lots.

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IKG Mebac® - Surface Products

Mebac Surfaced Stock Plate


Standard Mebac Plate is Mebac 3 on carbon steel plate.  Stocked in 1/4” and 3/8” plate in 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 12’ sheets.  Can also be special ordered in any other combination of substrate and surface.

Mebac Surfaced Steel Z-Treads


A staircase system that employs a single piece of steel plat to form riser, tread, and stringer attachment brackets with no weld.  Treads are supplied as carbon steel Mebac 1 on carbon steel plate, standard.  Can also be made in other combinations of surface and substrate on special order.

Safe-T-Grid Aluminum Grating


A patented IKG Borden product made of specially extruded aluminum bearing bars to provide an economical, durable, and comfortable walking surface.  When coated with IKG Aluminum Mebac or EZ Weld, this unique grating is well suited for applications where slips and falls could occur.  Ideal for entrance mats, pedestrian walkways, and trench grates.

Mebac Aluminum Stair Nosings


A complete line of extruded aluminum  nosings for stair treads for both new construction and renovation, and for either concrete or metal stair treads.  Nosings are supplied with Mebac 1 (aluminum only) standard.  Nosings are corrosion resistant and will not crack like cast abrasive nosings.

Mebac Ladder Rungs


Ladders are one place where slips tend to have the most extreme consequences.  For new construction, Mebac ladder rungs are the answer.  For existing ladders, we offer Mebac rung covers.  Theses easy-to-install covers provide the same measure of safety afforded by regular Mebac ladder rungs with a minimum of installation time.   

Aluminum Swage Locked Grating


                 High-strength, light weight, corrosion-resistant aluminum swage-locked grating offers the ideal solution to many grating problems.  The grating design and swage-locked construction provide strength equal to pressure-locked grating of the same depth at a lower cost.  Swage-locked grating does not provide a cross bar that is flush with the walking surface.

Weldforged® Steel Grating


                 Recommended for general installation.  It is economical, durable, and the most versatile of metal grating.  Precise, automated production equipment combines hydraulic pressure with a powerful welding current to electro forge the cross bars and bearing bars into a single rigid panel.  This method eliminates cracks or open joints which might harbor moisture or other corrosive material.  The twisted steel bars of IKG Industries Weldforged grating provide excellent traction and a flush surface.